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New Products Covid-19 Update

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

New products are being made avaliable! T-shirts, posters and stickers are now avaliable.

It's a slow process since I am doing them each one by one and due to Covid-19 my supplier has stopped most products from production to prevent a backlog on items, which in turn is limiting what I can offer.

There are delays on fulfillment of items and this may increase until things get back to normal. (Although for items being purchased by European customers fulfillment is speeding up!)

I will list the delays below:

Apparel (T-Shirts) : 12-17 business days

Posters: 2-5 business days

Stickers: 2-5 business days

Phone Cases: 2-5 business days

UPDATE: new phone case sizes are avaliable now. Please check the store to what is avaliable.

I will keep updating this post on the fulfillment times as they change.

Hopefully things start to return to normal and I can make more products avaliable for sale.

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