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Busy Bee

Since the last post I have been really busy working on the graphic novel, my designs and updating my website.

My newest designs were inspired by Christina Ricci's character of Wednesday Addams from the 1991 'Addams Family' movie.

The other design is a little more interesting because it was a request by one of my followers on Twitter, it's from the 1989 film 'Pet Semetary' which was originally a Stephen King story.

On another note I have been slowly updating the products on my website with whatever spare time I have. I have made changes to the T-shirts and they are no longer women and men and are unisex.

The reason I switched over to that is because I personally believe they are a wonderful shirt as I have worn them myself, I want to be able to stand behind all of my products for quality.

I have added mugs and am currently in the process of adding tote bags.

I am also looking into other products including dresses and mini skirts!

Stay tuned! I am pretty excited about these new products and I hope you are too!

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