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10 Cloverfield Lane

I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane over the weekend, so this is my review. Also **SPOILER ALERT** If you have not seen this movie STOP reading this immediately... Or keep reading, it's up to you, it's a free country after all.

You know what? I thought 90% of the movie was good so was the acting and you can tell it had a decent budget, no b-grade movie here.

The roles were portrayed by John Goodman as Howard, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle and John Gallagher Jr. as Emmett.

Super short storyline. Michelle was in a car accident and when she awoke she found herself inside a bunker chained to a wall with Howard telling her he saved her life and oh by the way the world had ended outside.

I could never figure out which way the story was going to go. That was a nice touch since usually you can predict the story line just from the trailer. You first find think that Howard is just this nutjob who captured Michelle in his bunker and your feelings change for the guy a few times throughout the movie.

To tell you the truth the first part of this movie stressed me out, it made me really tense and on the edge of my seat which I really enjoyed and I was a little jealous of the sweet ass bunker, awww man, I want one :( !

I won't go into depth too much on the story line, I'm mainly here to have a bitch about one small part of the movie. So you come to find out that there really are aliens outside and the world has ended yada yada yada.. And they use this gas spray mist stuff that eats human flesh. I repeat IT EATS HUMAN FLESH and will ultimately lead in your DEATH.

So while Michelle is all captured and shit she creates a hazmat type suit out of a plastic shower curtain. Yes, a shower curtain. Then uses duct tape and some other pieces including plastic bottles.

This is the part that annoyed the hell out of me. After Michelle escapes for good and kills Howard, she is outside with her special little suit on. She gets caught up with the giant alien and it sprays her with the mist, but wait since she has her PLASTIC SHOWER CURTAIN suit on it protects her from a mist that EATS HUMAN FLESH.

Flash back to the earlier part of the movie where Howard introduces Emmit and Michelle to some Hydrofluoric acid before he kills Emmit. Just note that humans created an acid that eats through FLESH, BONE and whatever else it touches and yet we are a lot less advanced than these aliens which can't seem to take down some rubber.

So let's recap, these highly advanced aliens came to take over earth by using this mist that kills humans but cannot eat through some plastic. Come on, really?

That's the part of the movie that really got me, I feel like the ending was completely different than the rest of the movie and I just couldn't get over the whole shower curtain debacle.

THE END. That concludes my attempt at a review.

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