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Zombie Bride

Just a quick post. I thought it would be interesting to give you an insight into what my designs look like midway through, just so you can see how much work goes into them.

I decided I wanted to give a go at some Art Nouveau and I have been working on this piece for at least 3 months and still have yet to finish it... It was a lot harder than i expected. I wanted to do something classical but incorporate some horror into it by turning her into a zombie bride.

I am still working on all the colors (as in working out what colors to fill her in with) but have decided on where to do the outlines, if that makes any sense??. It's super messy and I still have to create a background as well!! This really takes a lot of patience and dedication.

It also doesn't help that I keep getting distracted by other desgin ideas that pop into my head while I'm working on this.

Anyway, here is a taste of what is to come, so make sure you follow me for some more creeptacular designs!

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