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The Witch

For the first time in a long time I was not let down by a modern horror movie.

I saw The Witch and I loved it! I don't know how you felt about it but i really enjoyed it. I loved the way they stuck to the actual historical documentation from 1630, for example they all spoke English from the correct time period. It made it a little hard to understand but it forced you to concentrate a lot harder than a generic Hollywood blockbuster.

One of my pet hates in period pieces are how they would just throw an English actor no matter what time period. As long as it had an English accent whether it was Ancient Rome or Ancient India in order for it to pass as a period movie the only thing that is required is an English accent. Regardless of how they even spoke or what terminology they used. I have a lot of pet hates in movies that's one of them.

I also feel like there was more of an underlying theme to the movie, something to do with the 7 deadly sins since there were originally 7 characters including the baby.

For instance there has to be something more to do with all of the characters sinning in some way. I feel like William (the father) sinned by trading Katherine's (the mother) prized silver cup (I can't remember exactly if it was a cup, I do remember it was silver). So I guess you could say William's sin was Greed.

Katherine was so overcome by sadness and then rage by the death of her baby that her sin could be linked to Wrath, especially since she took a lot of her anger out on Thomasin and played favorites with a lot with her other children. She also had planned on sending Thomasin away.

Now for Mercy and Jonas. I believe their sin was Sloth because they were often caught messing around, not paying attention and behaving badly.. Oh and also befriending the devil! Aka Black Phillip.

Now with the baby, soon after he goes missing you see Caleb holding a conversation with his father and he tells his father that he is worried that the baby was never baptized that his soul was bound for hell. I don't know if that could be categorized as a sin exactly but it goes along with my theory.

This leads me onto Caleb. In several of the scenes you see him take a peek as his sister’s cleavage which to me sounds a lot like Lust, just sayin'...

Now for Thomasin, I think hers has something to do with Envy. Since her parents were playing favorites and making her feel unworthy of their attention. So when her little sister accused her of being a witch she played a long and scared her to tears. Maybe just maybe she did that out of spite, out of envy for her other siblings being favorited.

I enjoyed that movie so much that I was inspired to create a super cool design based on Black Phillip... Which I do sell!

Well there goes my movie review, never done one before and I could very well get a lot of negative feed back. So before you get your panties in a bunch, I'M SORRY PLEASE DON'T HIT ME!

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