Flash Back

March 16, 2016

Since my last post I went through my old external harddrive and found a bunch of my old designs from art school or beyond. Kinda like sneaking back into my past..





I even found some old paintings I did which led me to the point I am at today, It's actually pretty cool to be able to take a look back and see how far I have come.


(P.s. the American Pyscho painting was actually the very first painting I ever did.)



I also found a bunch of illustrations, mainly dead things or anatomical drawings. Which I would say those interests of mine have not changed in the slightest. These are at least 3 years old, before I started my design business and I was still in art school. Doing these were so much fun, I feel like I am getting back into this style again a little bit lately. Hopefully I will be able to bring it back.






So what do you think? that is, if you can stomach these illustrations.


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